Rhodium wire, metal rhodium, rhodium, Rh purity 99.95%, diameter 0.5mm.


SKU: 32858381393


  • Usage: Commercial Manufacture
  • Model Number: Diameter 0.5mm
  • Type: Other
  • Origin: Mainland China
Product introduction:
The rhodium wire in our shop is made of rhodium powder with purity of 99.95% or higher. It is produced by vacuum melting, high temperature argon protection drawing process, and polishing. It contains pure rhodium RH ≥ 99.95% (in fact, XRF can measure 9999 and above 9995, which is only a conservative estimate). The diameter of the wire is 0.5mm, the surface is bright and bright, and the silver white metal luster is strong.
① This rhodium wire is suitable for home experiment
② Because it is difficult to cut the exact weight of precious metal wire materials by weight, more precious metal is less, which is easy to cause unfairness, so our shop sells them by length, and the price is also accurately calculated. The buyer who wants to know the gram price, theoretically calculated the theoretical weight per centimeter is about 0.0245g, there is a deviation, the price is a little bulk price, and slight error is allowed in stock, Please pay attention to the above points. Besides, we can’t compare the gram price. Precious metals like rhodium are very expensive and volatile
③ This rhodium wire is a solid pure rhodium wire, not a platinum rhodium alloy. It is a pure rhodium customized by thermocouple company, and it is made by vacuum melting process. Therefore, it is in a compact state, basically equal to the theoretical density.
Rhodium is a very rare and expensive precious metal. Its corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance are among the best in the metal, and its price is also very expensive. However, rhodium is brittle, and only has ductility under high temperature inert gas, so it is very difficult to produce rhodium processed products, and the price is very expensive.


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