Metal ruthenium, ruthenium powder, Ru for scientific research and experiment, purity 99.95%.


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  • Origin: Mainland China

Product introduction:

Ruthenium is a hard, brittle and light gray multivalent rare metal element, which is a member of platinum group metals.

Hard white metal, density 12.30g/cm3. Melting point 2310 ℃, boiling point 3900 ℃, valence 2, 3, 4 and 8. The first ionization energy is 7.37 electron volts. Chemical properties are very stable. When the temperature reaches 100 ℃, it is resistant to common acids, including aqua regia, as well as hydrofluoric acid and phosphoric acid. At room temperature, iodine in chlorine water, bromine water and alcohol can slightly corrode ruthenium. It is resistant to many molten metals including lead, lithium, potassium, sodium, copper, silver and gold. It acts with molten alkaline hydroxide, carbonate and cyanide.


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