Secure Storage For Your Precious Metals

Owning gold is a form of financial insurance, so you need to possess it in the safest way possible in order to reduce counterparty risk. That’s why Web Equity Group offers an investment solution that eliminates any exposure to the risks associated with having intermediaries between investors and their precious metals, either at the level of ownership (which is direct) or storage (a storage account is opened in your name).

Our clients, as the sole owner of the precious metals, can personally visit the vault to check or withdraw their stockpile.

Our storage partner

Storage is managed by our partner Malca-Amit, a private operator independent from the international banking system. 

Founded in 1963, Malca-Amit is a trusted storage partner for financial institutions and high net-worth individuals around the world. 

Malca-Amit’s highly-secured, strategically located storage facilities are recognized as market leaders. 

Their facilities include a division dedicated to a unique set of value-added services for those needing storage of bullion.

Malca-Amit provides the luxury goods industry, high-net worth individuals and international banks with a global team of experts, including logistics, security, customs house and special operations professionals. 

Malca-Amit provides a smooth, expedient and professional service tailored to precise specifications and needs.

Vault Facilities In Various International Locations

Your physical precious metals will be stored in the vault of your choice


New York




Singapore Freeport



Silver Schema

$2500 / month
  • 10% Welcome Bonus
  • Risk Free Investments
  • Junior Broker
  • 24/7 support

Gold Schema

$4,700 / month
  • 25% Deposit Bonus
  • Risk Free Investment Package
  • Complementary Gold Ornament
  • Senior Broker
  • 24/7 support

Stellar Diamond Schema

$7500 / month
  • 35% Initial Deposit Bonus
  • Risk Free Investment Package
  • Complementary Gold Ornament
  • Direct Access to Executive Broker
  • Ability To Buy and sell Your Precious Metals Back To Us
  • 24/7 support


Why your financial advisor wont recomment physical precious metals_img2Has your financial advisor ever suggested that you purchase physical precious metals as part of a diversification strategy for your savings? In all likelihood, they have not. And, unless you ask them directly about physical gold or silver, they likely never will.

Portfolio diversification is one of the most fundamental strategies for protecting your savings. So then what do most financial advisors have against physical precious metals? The short answer is simple: In almost all cases, they cannot make money from such a transaction. They rarely stand to make any commissions or fees. Instead, your savings would move out of the funds they currently manage for you – perhaps forever.

Another reason your financial advisor likely will not recommend physical precious metals is that they are only licensed and trained to sell paper assets, such as stocks, mutual funds, cash and bonds. There are some “paper” versions of precious metals that they may try to sell you as an alternative – such as a gold ETF or a mining stock – but just as with any paper asset, these are simply promises printed on a piece of paper.

It’s also critical to remember that for the most part, financial advisors don’t understand or follow the precious metals market. They usually don’t know how to sell physical gold and silver and likely can’t advise you on all the options available for your purchase, let alone how various products differ from one another.

Finally, financial advisors generally only subscribe to one point of view on the economy. It’s in their best interest to see the stock market continue to increase, so they generally sell the assets under their management based on this worldview.