Free Medical Billing And Coding Certification Programs: Here’s What You Should Know

Medical billing and coding professionals play an essential role in our healthcare system. They assign standardized codes to diagnoses and treatments and handle billing procedures so insurance companies can pay insurance claims.
If you are considering a medical billing and coding career, you should learn about the types of training available. Medical billing and coding requires knowledge of physiology, anatomy and medical terminology, plus a strong understanding of medical coding systems.
Both paid and free medical billing and coding courses can help prepare you to become a billing and coding professional. In this article, we discuss some of the free options.


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Finding a Free Medical Billing and Coding Program
What does a medical biller and coder do? Job requirements vary depending on the role. Some entry-level jobs require basic coding and billing knowledge and work experience, while others ask for formal training and a passing score on a medical billing and coding certification exam.
Taking a free or low-cost medical coding and billing online program can help you stand out in a competitive job market. These courses have a low barrier to entry because they don’t have prerequisites, and they prepare you to become certified later in your career.
Certification can provide a financial advantage in this field. According to a 2023 survey by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), the median medical billing and coding salary for certified professionals is $56,290 annually, which is 17.7% more than those who are uncertified.
Why Should You Take a Free Medical Coding and Billing Course?
Medical billing and coding online courses cost varying amounts depending on the course provider. If you’re unsure whether a medical billing and coding career would suit you—or you’re still wondering, “What is medical billing and coding?”—a free training course is a great way to sample the field.
Some of the free courses mentioned below explore a variety of topics instead of honing in on medical billing and coding. If you already work in the field, these courses may help expand your knowledge.
Free Online Medical Billing and Coding Courses
Medical coding and billing professionals use the following medical coding classification systems. Many free courses touch on the content in these manuals as they’re commonly used in the profession. Understanding the shorthand for these classification systems can help you find a course that covers what you’ll need to know.

International Classification of Diseases: ICD11, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS
Current Procedural Terminology: CPT®
Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System Level II: HCPCS

Below we list a few free online medical billing and coding courses.
What Is Medical Coding and Billing?
Cost: Free
Time to Completion: One hour
Course Overview: UDEMY offers this introductory mini course. It gives you a brief overview of medical billing and coding, along with case studies. It explains the tasks that medical coders and billers handle, such as assigning codes using CPT, ICD-10-CM and HCPCS, following up on insurance claims and patient collections.
This course does not provide a certificate of completion or meet the requirements to become certified. If you’re considering working in the medical coding and billing profession, this course may give you enough information to decide if it’s the right career for you.
Basics of Medical Billing and Coding
Cost: Free
Time to Completion: At your own pace
Course Overview: This course is a shortened version of a paid course in the fundamentals of medical coding and billing.” This free version features 10 abbreviated lessons with written information and short videos. You can choose which lessons you want to view. It covers the basics, such as terminology, preventing fraud abuse, health insurance plans and creating and submitting insurance claims.
This course does not provide a certificate of completion or meet the requirements to become certified. Taking this course gives you an idea of what the paid version covers, so you can decide if the expanded course is the right fit before buying. (MB&CC)
Cost: Free
Time to Completion: At your own pace
Course Overview: MB&CC is a medical billing and coding organization that offers free tutorials in the field. These tutorials cover the terminology and basic principles used in medical billing and coding. The free training comprises five sections and features videos and written information.
MB&CC’s goal is to prepare people for a certification exam. In addition to this free course, participants have access to free study tools, a free e-textbook, a list of medical billing and coding schools, health insurance guides and other resources.
While you won’t earn a certificate of completion with this training, you do gain access to a large amount of information and free resources. This free training is a good option for beginners looking to learn more about the field.
Cybersecurity in Healthcare
Cost: Free
Time to Completion: 15 hours
Course Overview: This is an introductory course on Coursera. Medical billers and coders work with confidential patient data and sensitive information, so this course offers relevant, specialized knowledge about cybersecurity in healthcare.
This course teaches why cybersecurity is important to hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices and other healthcare institutions. It covers information security, cybersecurity in hospitals, aspects of digitizing patient data and data security threats to the healthcare sector.
You earn a certificate of completion when you finish the course, but this does not necessarily help you meet the requirements for medical billing and coding certification. This course enhances the resume of both beginners and veteran medical billers and coders.
Introduction to Medical Coding Course (I2MC)
Cost: Free
Time to Completion: Eight weeks
Course Overview: Absolute Medical Coding Institute is a medical coding exam preparation institution. The organization offers a free weekly webinar that introduces medical coding for beginners. Completing this course prepares you to enroll in the organization’s paid course with a 20% discount toward the fee.
This course covers anatomy, medical terminology and the fundamentals of ICD-10-CM, CPT and HCPCS Level II. You earn a certificate of completion when you finish the course.
It’s important to note that this course does not cover medical billing. It may be a good option for those curious about a career in medical coding or who need a refresher on medical coding concepts.
Foundations of Healthcare Systems Engineering
Cost: Free
Time to Completion: Approximately six hours
Course Overview: This free course is available through Coursera. While it doesn’t directly target medical billing and coding professionals, it offers relevant insight into healthcare systems. This course discusses the lack of efficient and integrated healthcare systems and how this affects improvements in healthcare services.
You earn a certificate of completion when you finish this course, but this does not necessarily prepare you for a certification exam. If you are a medical coding and billing professional interested in the challenges healthcare organizations face and ways to improve them, taking this course may be a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Medical Billing and Coding

Can I learn medical coding online for free?

Yes, you can learn the basics of medical coding online for free. While a free course is an excellent way to explore a new career, you need to take additional steps to become certified. An online medical billing and coding certification program may not be free, but there are low-cost options. Completing a free training program may help qualify you for an entry-level position.

Can you learn medical billing and coding on your own?

With so many resources available online, yes, you can learn medical billing and coding on your own. Make sure you learn about human anatomy, medical terminology and coding procedures. You can take free courses online and purchase books to study at home.

Which certification is best for medical billing and coding?

The best certification is the one that helps propel you into the career you want. There are different types of certifications, and some focus on a specific area, such as outpatient coding, inpatient coding or professional billing. The AAPC and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) are two prominent credentialing organizations, so you may want to start by checking out their certification options.