Citi Costco Credit Card Benefits

Although a general rewards credit card lets you earn rewards for various transactions at different merchants, the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi* lets cardholders redeem those rewards toward their next Costco visit. Citi is a Forbes Advisor partner.
The Citi Costco Anywhere card is a tiered rewards program that offers bonus rewards on certain purchase categories. Aside from its unique Costco-centric redemption feature, its primary appeal is its bonus earning potential. Keep in mind, however, you need an active Costco membership in order to be eligible for this card.
Featured Partner OffersWhat Are The Benefits Of A Costco Credit Card?
The card offers a base cash-back reward of 1% for each dollar you spend. But carrying the card also gives you access to a few cash-back bonus rewards tiers, and other perks.
Travel Benefits
Earn 4% Cash Back on Gas and EV Charging
The Costco Anywhere Visa Card offers a high 4% cash back on eligible gas and EV charging purchases for the first $7,000 per year, then 1% thereafter, 3% cash back on restaurants and eligible travel purchases, 2% cash back on all other purchases from Costco and and 1% cash back on all other purchases. A Costco membership is required to apply.
Where you make your gas and EV charging purchase matters, too. For example, gas that’s purchased at a superstore or convenience store that also sells gas might not qualify for the bonus reward, depending on how the merchant is classified under its “merchant category code”. Additionally, gas and EV charging transactions through a competitor club merchant is ineligible for the 4% cash back.
3% Cash Back on Certain Travel Purchases
Travel-related purchases using the Citi Costco Anywhere Visa Card can earn 3% cash back anywhere in the world. Transactions for hotel bookings, airline tickets, cruises, or travel arranged through a travel agent or the Costco Travel portal are eligible.
However, not every travel transaction earns you bonus rewards. For example, timeshare purchases, campground bookings, and train tickets only earn 1% cash back.
No Foreign Transaction Fees
Speaking of using the card worldwide — there are no foreign transaction fees to worry about. You can use the card at your discretion outside of the US without incurring extra fees.
Shopping Benefits
Earn 3% Cash Back at Restaurants
Dining at restaurants also rewards you at 3% cash back per dollar spent on the card. Whether you’re grabbing brunch at a cafe, need a quick bite from a local fast food drive-thru, or are keeping a tab open at the bar, you’ll earn bonus rewards.
However, purchases at other types of eateries, like bakeries and cafes or shops inside department stores, don’t qualify. For these purchases, you’ll earn the base 1% cash back reward on each dollar you spend.
Earn 2% Cash Back for Costco Purchases
Of course, Costco rewards its members for spending at its club locations and online store. When you shop at Costco, you’ll earn 2% back per dollar spent using your Citi Costco Anywhere Visa Card.
Other Benefits

No annual fee. The credit card doesn’t charge an annual fee. However, the card requires an existing Costco membership which costs $60 for Gold Star and Business tiers, or $120 for an Executive membership.
Doubles as your Costco membership card. Since you need a Costco membership to get the card, the Citi Costco Anywhere Visa Card doubles as your membership card at a club location entrance. Less bulk in your wallet.

Who Should Get A Costco Credit Card?
Since a prerequisite for the Citi Costco Anywhere Visa Card is having a Costco membership, active members are the only group who have access to this exclusive credit card. Additionally, it’s a decent choice for those who are frequent commuters since the card’s highest bonus category is for gas and EV charging purchases.
Foodies and frequent travelers — who happen to shop regularly at Costco — might also benefit from this card thanks to its bonus rewards for restaurant and travel. Especially for cardholders who plan to use the card abroad thanks to its lack of foreign transaction fees.
If you want a Costco-friendly redemption option to cash in the year-long rewards you’ve earned across all of your everyday purchases, this is a good option. The Citi Costco Anywhere Visa Card lets you redeem rewards as a certificate for cash, or toward merchandise at the warehouse or during your next Costco run.
That said, there are plenty of other lucrative rewards cards that offer similar, if not more competitive rewards programs. Plus, alternative rewards programs generally let you choose when you redeem your rewards, unlike the Costco Anywhere rewards program which distributes reward certificates once per year.

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